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Harlan enjoys making businesses better.
He has experience as a director for a variety of companies
and is a business advisor and certified marketing consultant.
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Harlan Marriott

Chief Commercial Officer / Marketing Advisor / Business Advisor

Harlan has a Degree in Commerce & Marketing, an Honours Degree in Law & Business and professional qualifications.

Harlan has worked at executive levels across the UK and Australia in a variety of industries including recruitment, finance, travel, hospitality, marketing, chartered accounting and financial services. He worked at one of the largest companies in the world at the time (General Electric (GE Capital)) through to being a director for a variety of small to medium sized businesses.  He has won a large variety of industry awards over his career.

Harlan has been inspired by some of the great leaders he met (from meetings at Richard Branson’s family home, to Tony Robbins) and saw at first hand the impact that marketing and particularly online marketing could have on company profits. “I was hungry for knowledge and devoured what learnings I could about business success particularly in an online environment, setting up a variety of online businesses and helping business owners to grow their marketing and profits.”

Harlan enjoys helping small businesses to grow and is generous with sharing his advice and knowledge.

Harlan moved to Australia in 2006 and enjoys the Australian lifestyle, culture and people.

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Hunter Business Awards 2013
Hunter Business Awards 2013