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With technology changing your potential customer is now easier to reach but harder to engage.

There are hundreds of different industry strategies to engage with potential customers. Our marketing advisor can help to review where your current customers are coming from and then identify new ways to attract and engage your future customers.

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Tip 1 # – How to Increase Referrals

Over deliver

There is nothing as sweet as having your expectations exceeded especially when you’re a client. Getting more than you actually paid for is the ultimate experience for every buyer. Who wouldn’t want it anyway?

Many business owners are focused on making profits and not always on exceeding their clients’ needs and expectations. Word of mouth for many businesses is a major referral source. You want to ensure the words coming from your existing clients are positive! Referrals can’t necessarily be bought. So the most important thing to bear in mind is that referrals will naturally happen when you deliver beyond the customer’s expectations.

Treat referrals like the gold they are

Referrals are not simply a name or an email address on your computer. They usually have a much higher conversion rate and translate into the next buyers for your small business. Treat them well and no doubt they’ll also refer other people to your business.

When you’re passed a referral don’t just send them an email or a simple voice message, follow up with them several times. The client that referred them also has their reputation to protect and will trust you to ensure you nurture them through the sales process.

Request those people who trust you to refer you

The best referrals always come from those people who already know your line of business and those that trust you. In some marketing circles we talk of turning your loyal customers into ‘raving fans’.

Good referrals can also come from the people whom you know outside your world of business, such as neighbors, relatives and friends.

Thank the referrer

Within the same day of conversation, ensure you get into contact with the person that gave you the referral and thank them and update your referrer about the conversation you had.

If it finally leads to a sale, ensure you thank the referrer again, and depending upon the value of the sale you (or the ‘circle of influence’ of the referrer) you may want to send them a little something!

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