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What is compliance?

In terms of accounting, compliance simply means making sure that the financial matters of a company, individual or entity are looked after in accordance to the laws and regulations.

Tax compliance and reporting regulations can be time consuming, complex and expose you to tax risk. And thereโ€™s an increasing number of business compliance issues and penalties for failing to deliver.

Leenane Templeton helps to eliminate the risk and burden allowing you to do what you do best, manage your business.

Whatever stage of business you are in we help to review your needs and proactively ensure you have the business compliance controls and procedures in place. During the business compliance stage we also help to look beyond the numbers to see where we can improve your tax and business efficiencies.

Our service includes:

Preparation of management and statutory accounts
Preparation and lodgement of tax returns
Specialist Tax Advice
Tax planning and strategies
Preparation and lodgement of Business & Instalment Activity Statements (BAS/IAS)
Preparation and lodgement of Fringe Benefit Tax
GST compliance
Reporting of various state taxes (Eg payroll tax, land tax, duties, etc)
Superannuation obligations

Our complimentary meeting will help to make sense of the compliance complexities and determine what needs to be done to meet your compliance requirements. Leenane Templeton offer a broad suite of services and have a variety of experts to help with your business success. Our team is continually updating their business compliance and tax knowledge and keep up to date with tax legislation and new tax changes.

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Albert Einstein purportedly once said that the hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax!