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Business Health Analysis

Would you like to minimise risk and seek opportunities for improvement within your business?

All businesses should have a regular and detailed inspection of their finances and plans. Not a year end chat about your accounts but a regular review of the business performance.

At Leenane Templeton we help with a variety of business health check, analysis and reviews to help better seek improvements and minimise risk in your business, including:


Our unique consulting tool allows a comparison of your business to your industry peers. This scenario modelling identifies how small changes to your operational drivers can impact the bottom line and improve your competitive position. (link to benchmarking page)

Tax Planning

Our analysis of your accounts and finances can help towards a tax plan to ensure you maximise tax opportunities whilst keeping within the law.

Ratio Analysis

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your business? We can help to analyse your key results in areas such as gross profit margin, creditors and inventory, management of debtors, and liquidity and make recommendations for improvements.

ATO Audit Analysis

Are you at risk from an ATO audit? We review whether you are at risk from an ATO audit and help with strategies to minimise the risk.

Growth Strategy

Our growth equation analysis helps to identify small changes to your business and marketing which in turn can make huge changes to your profit and costs.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Do you know your month to month cash position? We help to provide a detailed cash flow forecast of your future business and help to improve your cash flow management through a review of income and expenditure.

Profit &Loss Budgeting

Do you know your break even? Are you charging enough to make a good profit? We help to review your profit and loss and make recommendations to help improve business profitability.

Business Plans

A business plan doesnโ€™t need to sit in a dusty corner of the office. A regularly updated business plan is crucial to success and helps to identify the direction your heading and how youโ€™re going to get there. The plan should be fluid and frequently updated and ensures the team has the same goals.

Sales &Marketing

Understanding your current marketing, online analytics and customer analysis can help to dramatically improve your future strategies.


We believe that you should always keep your business in good order and have a regular valuation to see how much your business is worth. This helps towards future planning.

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