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Practical Business Coaching and Advice for Business Owners

There’s a variety of ‘enthusiastic’ business coaches on every corner with lots of theories and many with off the shelf ‘solutions’ for your business. Unfortunately that’s not us! Yes we’re professional business accountants and business advisors! And we do coach our clients, but practically through understanding what’s behind your figures. We use key financial strategies, management, sales and marketing and much more.

We spend the time to help you focus on creating a successful business through practical business coaching, guidance, support and encouragement. We don’t have an ‘off the shelf’ ‘one size fits all’ solution but we review your figures, your industry and work with you to look at opportunities and risks in your business.

“Unlike many business accountants the team at Leenane Templeton are not afraid to give an opinion.”

Our clients trust us to practically guide them through difficult times as well high growth periods. If you’re a small business owner, running a business can be really difficult. It can take a huge amount of time. It can take you away from your family and the life you originally dreamed of. You shouldn’t have to choose between having a business or a family.

Talking to a good business advisor can really help you to balance these vital aspects of your life. A good business advisor will coach you through your journey as an entrepreneur and help you to plan for the future.

How can we help?

Being the owner of a small business doesn’t only require your specific technical skills but also the right business skills. This is where we come in. All our business advisors have worked closely with small to medium sized businesses and understand the challenges you face.

If you’re a business owner seeking advice on those critical first steps or a sole entrepreneur who wants to run or grow your business more efficiently, we have business advisors in Newcastle that are able to walk you through the entire journey.

As a small business owner, you’re expected to wear several hats. You are the proprietor, operator, sometimes the sales manager, marketing manager or purchasing manager. There are many areas of expertise that are required, we can help you to identify the most important ones and ways to streamline.

We have a unique and highly knowledgeable team of business accountants and advisors to help you in your business journey.

If you are searching for ways of growing your revenues, raising capital for projects and enhancing your bottom line, then a business advisor would be the most appropriate person to assist you in coming up with a cost effective solution to incorporate into your business financial plan.

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