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Tax Matters – 2021

  • When can a business cease STP reporting?
  • Which legal expenses are tax deductible for businesses?
  • Correcting a mistake on your tax returns
  • Investing overseas

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Business Matters – Q1 2021

    • Valuing innovation in business
    • Elements of a Business Plan
    • Building a team for success
    • Implementing sustainable business practices
    • Digital record-keeping
    • And more

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2021 Business News Newcastle
Profit Matters – Summer 2020

  • Ways to improve cash flow
  • Making the most of your profit
  • Asset protection for business owners
  • How to grow your small business
  • Hiring the right person

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Financially Speaking – Summer Edition

  • Economic Outlook
  • Recovery watch: When will growth return?
  • Which are you – a saver or investor?
  • How younger members can make the most of market volatility
  • The real benefit to retirees of financial advice
  • Big Tech’s market might in 5 charts

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End of Year Update

    • End of year checklist
    • COVID Safe Christmas parties
    • FBT and gifts for employees
    • Hiring workers for holiday season
    • Tasks to complete by end of year
    • Creating a budget for the new year

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Business Matters – Q4 2020

    • Developing seasonal pricing strategies
    • Insolvency reforms to support small business
    • Organisational culture
    • Upscale your business
    • What business structure suits your business
    • Partnership Pros and cons

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  • Correctly using the margin scheme
  • Lower taxes for businesses and individuals
  • Insolvency reforms to support small business
  • Upskilling Australia
  • Changes to the super system
  • Tax payable on super death benefits

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Profit Matters – Spring 2020

  • The critical steps to a successful partnership
  • Evaluating the risks of business
  • How to avoid hiring the wrong person
  • Growing your business with referrals
  • Readapting to working from the office

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Financially Speaking – Spring Edition

  • Economic Outlook
  • The Cycle of investor emotions
  • How to invest in the things you believe in
  • Strategies for long term investments
  • Investment options in retirement explained

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Tax Matters – Spring 2020

  • Division 7A & private loans
  • Adjusting GST liability on your BAS
  • Changes to business practices TPAR
  • CGT rollover when when transferring assets in a divorce

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Business Matters – Q3 2020

    • What to do when you can’t pay your tax on time
    • ATO increases car expense deduction rate
    • How COVID-19 may affect your tax return
    • How to market your business for free
    • Managing employee morale through
      company change

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Profit Matters – Winter 2020

  • Keeping your business afloat during an economic downturn
  • Conducting your business’ health-check
  • How to improve your SEO ranking
  • Negotiating contracts with your suppliers
  • Communicating effectively with your
    remote team
  • And More

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Financially Speaking – Winter Edition

  • Economic Outlook
  • Staying on track
  • Embracing the fear
  • Fight the flight
  • How market volatility affects your super
  • Transitioning to retirement

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Tax Matters – Autumn 2020

  • ATO introduces new work from home deduction method
  • Do you need to lodge a Taxable Payments Annual Report?
  • What to know about lodgement date referrals
  • Varying PAYG instalments

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Year End Strategies-  19/20 Tax Guide

    • JobKeeper: what to do now
    • Major changes to instant asset write-off
    • 2020 end of financial year checklist
    • Rent relief for commercial tenants
    • Tax tips for property investors
    • And more

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Business Matters – Q2 2020

    • Increased cash flow support for businesses
    • Cybersecurity when working from home
    • How to raise capital
    • Big banks offer a financial lifeline
    • Government strives to keep business intact
    • What will record low interest rates mean for your business

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Profit Matters – Autumn 2020

  • Managing your staff under COVID-19
  • How to start and grow your business blog
  • Training a new employee
  • Avoiding project failures
  • Business credit card vs small business loan
  • Are you using cash flow forecasting?
  • Lead generation for 2020

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Financially Speaking – Autumn Edition

  • Economic Outlook (Pre Coronavirus impact)
  • How to manage anchoring bias
  • Investment strategies for your future
  • Self -employed? Don’t leave your business at risk
  • What can retires do about longevity risk?

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Tax Matters – Summer 2020

  • Restoring damaged tax records after a natural disaster
  • FBT exemption for emergency assistance
  • Amendment to housing affordability measures introduced
  • Removal of the main residence exemption for non-resident

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Past newsletters – Pre 2020

Please be aware that some content may be out of date and should not be acted upon without consulting your relevant advisor.

Profit Matters – Summer 2019-20

  • Sales strategies for 2020
  • How to best prepare for a business loan
  • What to include in a business partnership agreement
  • Avoiding non-paying clients
  • Negotiating a business deal
  • Find your business niche

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Financially Speaking – Spring 19

  • Economic Outlook
  • Transition to retirement decisions
    are life changing.
  • How to be a human be-ing,
    not a human do-ing
  • Protecting your super – further changes
  • Using diversification to combat risk
  • And more

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End Of Year Update 2019

    • 2020 vision, planning for the new year
    • Securing your business over the break
    • Hiring working holiday makers
    • Holiday travel and estate planning
    • Don’t burn out before the holidays
    • And More

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Tax Matters – December 2019

  • Using the margin scheme correctly
  • Tax implications of termination payments
  • Limiting tax deductions for holding vacant land
  • Time limit on GST refunds

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Business Matters – Q4 2019

    • Deduction rules for small business
    • New industries included under TPAR
    • Reestablishing lost or damaged records
    • A deed or an agreement
    • Surveillance in the workplace
    • Recognising and avoiding conflicts of interest

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Profit Matters – Spring 2019

    • Making the most of a business slowdown
    • Correctly terminating an employee
    • Short-term vs long-term financing
    • Three types of marketing channels
    • Landing page optimisation
    • How to handle staff resignations

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Financially Speaking – Spring 19

  • Economic Outlook
  • Are you an investor or speculator?
  • Why investing for retirement is different
  • Your biggest investing problem may be you
  • Impossible Whoppers and impossible valuations
  • And more

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Tax Matters – Sept 2019

  • Restructure rollover for small businesses
  • Disclosing personal living expenses
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP) exemption
  • Disclosing personal living expenses
  • Personal tax cuts now law
  • And more.

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Business Matters – Aug 2019

  • Small business income tax offset
  • Home based business tax deductions
  • Introducing MyGovID and RAM
  • The legal obligations of marketing
  • The art of effective negotiation
  • And more.

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Profit Matters – Winter 2019

  • Handing over your business to family
  • Making your small business bigger
  • Choosing the right business location
  • Improving your employees’ wellbeing
  • And more.

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Financial News NSW
Financially Speaking – Autumn 19

  • Economic Outlook
  • The financial power of women
  • Tax tips and tax return tips
  • The private equity opportunity
  • Will you be comfortable with comfortable.
  • And more

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Year End Strategies
Year End Strategies – 2018/19

  • 2019 end of financial year checklist
  • Essential record keeping for year-end
  • Tax tips for property investors
  • Getting PAYG withholding right
  • Tax tips for property investors

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Business advice in Newcastle NSW
Business Matters – Q2 2019

  • FBT and how it attracts the ATO
  • ATO increases fuel tax credit rates
  • Taking advantage of cashless business
  • Positive business culture
  • Remote workers and how they can help
  • The debtors days method

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Financial news update
Financially Speaking – Autumn 19

  • Economic Outlook
  • Understanding elder financial abuse
  • Unhealthy attachments
  • 5 reasons to consider a lifetime annuity
  • 4 tips for boosting your super
  • And more

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Tax advice and news
Tax Matters – Budget Edition

  • A business growth based Budget
  • Supporting the vulnerable
  • Job skills to better tomorrow
  • Changes to PAYG withholding obligations
  • How property investors can get more back
  • Say goodbye to AUSKey

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Profit business advice
Profit Matters – Autumn 2019

  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Impacts of your office environment
  • Benefits of podcasting
  • Code of conduct for your business
  • Responding to customer feedback

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Business Matters – Feb 2019

  • Make 2019 your best year ever
  • Common FBT errors employers make
  • Supporting a grieving employee
  • Are your business practices ethical?
  • Proposed changes to Div 7A
  • Cash flow tips

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Financially Speaking – January 2019

  • Economic Outlook
  • Living longer, living smarter
  • How an ETF can help your SMSF portfolio
  • The automotive sector in turbulent change
  • Life insurance implications

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Tax Business News
Tax Matters – March 2019

  • Tax implications for resettlement of trust
  • Instant asset write-off to be increased
  • Scam warning from ATO
  • Tax traps the ATO is watching

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Profit Matters – January 2019

  • Build stronger business relationships
  • A guide to recruiting cultural fit
  • How to find your target market
  • Living up to your potential
  • How to reinvent your business
  • And More
2019 Business advice for End of Year
End of Year Update – 2018

  • Planning for the holiday rush
  • Staff safety at Christmas parties
  • System overhauls for secure data
  • Government bans ESST
  • Extra conditions for CGT concessions
  • Christmas employee rewards
  • And More
Newcastle Business Advice News 2019
Business Matters – Q4 2018

  • Preparing your BAS
  • Seasonal Pricing Strategy
  • ATO expands TPAR criteria
  • Small business delivery tips
  • And More
Tax News
Tax Matters – Dec 2018

  • Single Touch Payroll
  • ATO’s new guidelines for FBT on vehicles
  • ATO phone scam alert
  • Government fast-tracks SME tax cuts
  • And More
Profit Matters – Spring 2018

  • Closing a sale
  • Data cleaning for successful marketing
  • Make business goals a reality
  • Correctly terminating an employee
  • Creating a successful start up
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Financially Speaking -Spring 2018

  • Economic outlook
  • More benchmarks in the world than stocks
  • Cycle of market emotions
  • Redefining risk for income investors
  • Crowd funding
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Business Matters Q3 2018

  • Hiring for cultural fit
  • Dealing with conflicts of interest
  • Creating an agile workplace
  • Should I enter a partnership
  • And more
Tax Matters 28 –  2018

  • Changes to GST at settlement forms
  • Claiming the $20,000 instant asset write-off
  • Target amendments to Division 7A
  • How are super death benefits taxed?
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Business News Newcastle NSW
Profit Matters Winter 2018

  • Understanding your management style
  • Nailing your content marketing strategy
  • Preventing burnout in your workplace
  • Batching your tasks
  • And more
Financially Speaking Winter 2018

  • Economic Outlook
  • Big Data is fuelling the AI revolution
  • Earning money from the sharing economy
  • How to help ensure your super contributions don’t exceed the caps
  • Lessons from the market
  • And more
Business Matters – Q 2 – 2018

  • Harassment in light of #MeToo
  • ACCC announces 2018 priorities
  • Defining business values
  • Year end mistakes
  • And more
Profit Matters – Autumn 18

  • Staying ahead of the game in 2018
  • Building awesome business relationships
  • Goal-setting for your business
  • Leading change and driving profits
  • Hiring the right staff
  • And more
Year End Strategies

  • Tax time for investment property
  • Deadline approaching for CGT relief
  • Preparing for Single Touch Payroll
  • Year End 2018 checklist
  • Preparing for year end
  • And more
Financially Speaking Autumn 2018

  • Economic Outlook
  • Can Socially Responsible Investing and good returns coexist?
  • When can I retire?
  • How will the First Home Super Scheme work for SMSFs?
  • Telecoms: The fourth industrial revolution
  • And more
Business Matters 2018

  • Make 2018 your best year ever
  • Don’t get caught at these public holidays
  • Maximising efficiency in your business
  • Boosting employee engagement
  • Evening the playing field
  • And more
End of Year Update 2017

  • End-of-year admin tasks
  • Avoiding the Grinch this Christmas
  • Kickstart your holiday marketing
  • The gift of FBT-free giving
  • Going green in the new year
  • And more …
Profit Matters – Summer

  • Inspiring employees for long-term success
  • Identifying your target market
  • Signs it’s time to sell-up
  • Benefits of cloud computing
  • Optimising in-house communication
  • And more
Financial Advisor Newcastle NSW
Financially Speaking – Spring 2017

  • Market update
  • The new super rules contain some good news
  • Ways to improve your home
  • What do market benchmarks measure?
  • Cover your way of life.
Newcastle Business Accounting
Business Matters, Q4 2017

  • Are you ready to expand your business?
  • Turning negative customer feedback around
  • New ban on excessive payment surcharges
  • Strategies for digital growth
  • And more …
Tax Advisors Newcastle NSW
Tax Matters, Ed 24 – 2017

  • CGT Strategies for your holiday rental
  • Managing your GST Liability
  • Using the $20k instant asset write-off
  • ATO targeting work-related expenses
  • And more …
End of Year Business Strategies 2017
Year End Strategies, 2017

  • 2017 year end tax tips
  • Reducing capital gains tax
  • Staying on top of your records
  • CGT relief provisions for SMSFs
  • Super reforms on the way
  • And more …
Financial News Today
Financially Speaking Winter – 2017

  • Market update
  • APRA’s needle just popped the housing bubble
  • End of Financial Year Strategies
  • Buy/sell agreement to cover your business
  • Lower portfolio volatility? It’s in the bank
  • Choosing a wine like a professional
Small business profit strategies by Newcastle Accounting firm Leenane Templeton
Profit Matters – Spring 2017

  • Habits to kick if you want success
  • Boost your business cash flow
  • Leading change
  • Avoid taking these business shortcuts
  • And more …
Newcastle accountants news
Business Matters, Q3 2017

  • Passing on the family business
  • Improving internal communication
  • Simpler BAS from 1 July
  • Checklist for new workers
  • Changes to workplace laws
  • And more …
Profit ideas for business
Profit Matters, Winter 2017

  • Brushing up on communication
  • Tips for online marketing
  • Making better business decisions
  • Having difficult conversations at work
  • Running a productive business meeting
  • And more …
Financial News April 2017
Financially Speaking Autumn – 2017

  • 2017 market outlook
  • Are you prepared for the new superannuation changes?
  • Resisting temptation
  • Raising financially savvy kids
  • Easing the journey into aged care
Tax Matters 22 Newcastle Accountants
Tax Matters Edition 22 – 2017

  • CGT exemptions for depreciating assets
  • ATO issues ruling on bad debts
  • Simpler BAS for small business
Tax News on the Australian Budget 2017
Budget Edition 23 – 2017

  • Keeping taxpayers honest
  • CGT events affecting shareholders
  • Rates increase for fuel tax credits
  • Building a sustainable lifestyle
  • ATO to report unpaid debts
  • A guide to negative gearing
News for your business in June 2017
Business Matters Q2, 2017

  • Managing morale through change
  • Common traps at tax time
  • ACCC compliance priorities for 2017
  • Changes to penalty rates
  • Managing your GST liability
  • And more …
Business News NSW
Tax Matters Autumn 2017

  • Finding your point of difference
  • Opening a second location
  • Overcoming motivation blocks
  • Why business needs social responsibility
  • And more
Newcastle Business News Jan
Business Matters Q1, 2017

  • New Year’s Resolutions for 2017
  • Tips for improving cash flow
  • New safe harbour for car fringe benefits
  • Preparing for public holidays in 2017
  • Intellectual property law basics
Business Profit News Summer
Profit Matters – Summer ’16

  • Improving your sales pitch
  • How to fuel creativity
  • Investing in employee wellness
  • Tips for using holiday hashtags
  • And more
Financial News 2016
Summer Edition 2016

  • Balancing portfolios in an unbalanced world
  • Learning the (investment) lessons of history
  • Trust your strategic plan but keep some powder dry!
  • What is global listed infrastructure?
  • The case for industrial shares
Leenane Templeton Chartered Accountants Business Matters Newsletters Q4 2016
Business Matters Q4, 2016

  • Investing in business real property
  • New PAYG withholding rates
  • Taking out a chattel mortgage
  • Preparing for your business exit
  • Are you underpaying employees?
Tax Matters Newsletters September 2016
Spring Edition, 2016

  • ATO crackdown on work-related expenses
  • How do franking credits work?
  • Tax tips for property investors
Financial News Front Cover
Spring Edition 2016

  • Beyond Brexit
  • Timing retirement
  • Five big questions for AREIT investors
  • Why having a proper estate plan is so important
  • Changes to the age pension rules – are you ready?
  • How to avoid behavioural investment traps
Profit Matters Spring 2016
Spring Edition, 2016

  • Crafting your promotional mix
  • How to be successful in new situations
  • Boost resilience in the workplace
Business Matters July 16-22
Q3, 2016

  • Finding your target market
  • New high-income threshold
  • Getting your BAS right
  • Calculating fuel tax credits
  • Setting out terms and conditions
  • Eliminating hiring bias
Tax Matters March 2016
Ed18 – 2016

  • ATO crackdown on rental property tax claims
  • Limits for FBT Benefits
  • Cutting tax on share transfers
  • Calculating your property GST
Profit Matters Newsletters
Autumn – 2016

  • Managing online reviews
  • Finding the right culture fit
  • Leverage from LinkedIn
  • Conducting effective meetings
Leenane Templeton Newcastle, Australia
Winter Edition 2016

  • Counting the cost of a curve ball
  • Property and diversified portfolio
  • SMSF borrowing gets the amber light
  • Making sense of the fixed income landscape
  • Time to reconsider emerging markets
  • Getting financially prepared to start a family
Business Matters January 2016 Newcastle
January 2016

  • Cancelling or transferring a business name
  • Selling your business GST-free
  • Meeting your superannuation obligations
  • Making environmental claims
Federal Budget Tax News

  • Industries on the ATO’s radar this year
  • Federal Budget – Superannuation changes
  • ATO to focus on collectables
  • Federal Budget – Individuals
  • Federal Budget – flexible super
  • Tax on gifts and donations
Year End Tax Strategies

  • Surviving the run up to June 30
  • End of financial year: SMSFs
  • Keeping on top of your records
  • Upcoming ATO compliance targets
  • End-of-year superannuation checklist
Financial News Autumn 2016
Autumn Edition 2016

  • Macro risks elevated in 2016
  • The Star Wars’ guide to investing in volatile times
  • Aged care – making an informed decision
  • Give your bonus a boost this year
  • Thinking outside the box – commercial vs residential property
  • Ignore life’s trigger events at your peril
Financially Speaking News
Summer Edition 2015

  • An SMSF trustee decision for the long haul.
  • Why franking credits are important for retirees.
  • Changes to the age pension rules.
  • Make sure your estate ends up in the right hands.
Tax Matters Dec 2015
Edition 17 – 2015

  • Applying for a tax withholding variation.
  • Claiming tax deductions for your website.
  • Tax-deductible overseas trips.
  • Selling your business.
Business Matters Oct 2015
Q4 2015:

  • Surviving the ATO crackdown.
  • Expanding your business overseas.
  • Is a company merger your ideal exit strategy?
  • And more.
Financially Speaking
Financially Speaking – Spring Edition 2015:

  • Why China’s property market matters.
  • Trauma fills the gaps.
  • Insurance through super.
  • Control your retirement income.
  • Are your estate affairs in order.
  • Four tips on what to do with a windfall.
Tax Matters Business Edition 16
Tax Matters – Edition 16 – 2015

Tax strategies for you and your business:

• ATO focuses on rental property deductions

• Training course deductions

• Reducing holiday house CGT

• Work-related expensed on ATO hitlist

Business Matters Quarter 3 2015
Business Matters – Quarter 3 – 2015

Strategies for managing your business:

  • Annual leave overhaul
  • Be careful of automatic renewals in contracts
  • Update on unemployment laws
  • Delivering quality customer service
  • ACCC cracks down on franchises
Year End Financial Strategies 2015
Year End Strategies 2014/15

  • Tax tips for property investors.
  • Surviving the run up to June 30.
  • End of financial year, SMSFs.
  • Keeping on top of your records.
  • Upcoming ATO compliance targets.
  • End-of-year superannuation checklist.
  • And more.
Financially Speaking Winter 2015
Financially Speaking Winter 2015

  • The Investment Hunger Games
  • Getting ahead in your 50s
  • Protect your earnings and reap the tax benefits
  • Is an SMSF right for you?
  • Five steps to consider before entering an aged care home
  • Maximise your opportunities for the end of financial year
  • Do you really have to play big, to win big?
Federal Budget 2015 tax
Federal Budget Tax Update

For You And Your Business

  • Budget focus on stimulating small business
  • Fuel tax credit rate increases
  • R&D and other incentives
  • Property damage considerations for investors
  • Tax shortfall disclosure commended
Financially Speaking News Red
Financially speaking autumn edition 2015

  • Plummeting oil prices and quantitative easing have global
  • Global technology wars
  • Making the most of your retirement income
  • Aged care reforms
  • Covering life’s stages
  • Have you considered Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)?
  • Demystifying long-short funds
Business Matters Q1 2015
2015 Business Update

Strategies For Managing Your Business

  • Business Resolutions for 2015
  • Managing Your Cash flow
  • Making Sure FBTs are beneficial
  • A guide to CGT
Business Tax Matters Ed 14
2015 Tax Matters

Tax Strategies For You & Your Business

  • Negative Gearing For Property Investors
  • Share Transactions: ATO Digging
  • ATO Targets motor vehicles
  • Minimising Your FBT Bill