Aged care planning
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Planning ahead for your financial future.

Aged Care Financial Planning

Ageing is an inevitable part of life.  With ageing comes the need for more and more assistance with daily activities.  Whether you’re researching aged care for your family, friends or yourself it’s a serious consideration and needs careful planning.

Personal finances affect a large part of the services and long term care available.

Therefore, it is important that finances are right before it’s too late. Seeking a good financial planner is important so that you can get invaluable advice on your money matters and also help you to get the best solutions for your specific situation.

A good financial planner will listen to your needs and then help you to understand and evaluate your decisions which will assist to avoid confusion, irreversible errors, frustrations and family conflicts. Financial decisions are not just about money, it can also be about relationships. Making major financial decisions especially when you are not highly knowledgeable, experienced or able can be quite tough.

Good aged care planning begins by first acknowledging and considering any present and future situations that you or the person concerned may face. This can be hard as you are expected to think about changing needs and the impact of those demands on life and the lives of loved ones.

When you come to meet with us we will help to assess and evaluate your needs, including:

  • Legal needs
  • Sources of income
  • Current and future expenses
  • Available assets
  • Human resources
  • Insurance coverage
  • Health care
Aged Care Planning Newcastle NSW

Important questions you should ask an aged care specialist

  • Which is the best long term care solution?
  • Will the current assets be able to pay future costs?
  • What is the current value of assets?
  • Can the assets create for extra income to meet increasing expenses?
  • What (if anything) should be sold?
  • What will it cost to sell different assets?
  • Is it necessary to sell the family home?
  • Are there other financial alternatives?
  • What will be the impact of these on my spouse and loved ones?
  • Can I do any estate planning at this point in my life?

Financial advice for aged care planning

We are specialists in financial advice for aged care planning. Our professionals will help guide you so that you make the best decisions for yourself and for the people you care about.

Our advice includes;

  • Financial implications and affordability assessment
  • Assistance with aged care planning
  • Making use of government pensions
  • Managing aged care fees
  • Financial and superannuation planning
  • Ensuring you understand your aged care options
  • Meeting your needs with innovative solutions

At this stage in life it’s important to plan for all eventualities and avoid the pain of bad planning.  Our financial advisors take pride in providing careful aged care financial advice.


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