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Getting the right accounting software for your business is essential
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Accounting software

Getting the right accounting software for your business is essential. Good bookkeeping and use of software is another great step towards business success. It helps to identify warning signs in your business system for example running out of cash.

Do you currently have your bookkeeping system set up manually using books, electronically on spreadsheets, or use software? Leenane Templeton can help to identify the best business system and the best accounting software for your business. Leenane Templeton are experts at most accounting software including the popular Xero and MYOB.

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What To Consider

Accounting software today has many advanced features including cloud based solutions (See Xero).  Within your accounting software you should consider whether it can handle:

  • Ability to access via cloud (eg invoicing or reviewing via mobile phone)
  • Payroll requirements (PAYE, annual leave, long service leave…)
  • Stock tracking, work in progress, orders, jobs
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Foreign currency
  • Tracking of separate financial records for departments or business units
  • Interface with other business software
  • Customer tracking and relationship management system.
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Do You Have Bookkeeper?

A good bookkeeper is worth their weight in gold. They can keep your accounting costs down by ensuring your financial data is presented properly on the software. Leenane Templeton will work closely with you and your bookkeeper to ensure the software is maximised. We can also recommend bookkeepers should you need one.

If you are looking for new accounting software and you have a bookkeeper, make sure they are trained or willing to be trained in the accounting software you wish to use.

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Our tax accountants in Newcastle and business advisors will help ensure that you have the best fit for your needs and industry.