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Are you looking to grow your business? Do you need help or ideas to plan for growth?

Helping you to proactively grow your business and plan for your future is one of the areas that we’re really passionate about. It’s exciting for us and our clients to discover new ways to grow a business and ultimately increase profit.

The importance of business planning for your business growth

Most business owners should be considering business growth whether in terms of profit, expansion or market share. In today’s global markets maintaining the status quo is simply passive regression. Some business owners may have a “don’t rock the boat” attitude but from a long-term perspective, maybe the old adage is true – If you’re not growing, you’re dying.

Business is all about vision, working hard and without which; you are very likely to fail. You always have a 1001 things on your to do list, some can be easy while others are difficult. Growth plans are always among that list and one thing about them is that any serious business must have one. They require constant assessment and updating to take care of the dynamic needs of the business.

The Growth Formula

Come and have a complimentary meeting with one of our business accountants and advisors to see how some simple strategic changes can make a dramatic improvement to your business. The following video gives a brief insight.

We can help to review lead generation, conversion of enquiries, client retention, pricing, capacity and much more. Slight tweaks of what you are currently doing can make a massive impact on your bottom line.

Are You Already Growing/Expanding?

Even businesses that anticipate higher growth, may still fail to plan for the impact of growth. We have seen businesses that are growing, but haven’t planned for the cash flow implications or the additional resources or extra staff to keep pace with their rapid growth. To avoid getting in such a situation, it’s necessary to have a system put in place that will be able to predict the future growth needs of your business.

Not planning through growth can actually put your business in jeopardy.

Three Things To Think About

Our team can help with the many implications of business growth, here’s a couple of simple ones to consider.

1. Describe Your Priorities

Come up with a list of your business long term goals. The goals you set will help you become more focused in doing all it takes to achieve them.

2. Set A Timeline

Design a time line that includes your goal milestones, which you will use to asses yourself on whether you are making any progress. Ensure you include all the details you want in the timeline such as the extra number of employees you will hope to hire, your particular revenue levels and the number of countries you wish to spread out to. Explain how these milestones will assist on helping you achieve your growth goals.

3. Plan For Cash

An increase in revenue does not mean that you will immediately see a growth in your profits.When your business is expanding, it can lead to less cash flow. This shouldn’t put you off since sometimes business growth costs can be high, but good business planning with your accountant is important.

How can we help you?

We help business owners who are serious about growth and who are willing to try new effective approaches. We help you in exploring current and alternative solutions for business growth.

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