Free Guide: 30 ways
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Tax tips for personal, business, property, retirement, estate planning.
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Leenane Templeton make tax simple. In a complex world with frequent changes in legislation our team of experienced Newcastle tax accountants help you to better understand your past and future tax implications. Don’t settle for a tax advisor that just ticks a few boxes.

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Free Guide: 30 Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill:

Effective tax planning is something that should be considered year round and making it a priority can result in you paying less tax liability. Preparing and updating a forecast of income and outgoings can also help you and your business identify times when money may be short and plan accordingly.  Our tax guide shows you:

  • Personal: Strategies to minimise your personal tax bill
  • Business: Reduce costs by claiming these deductions
  • Property: Depreciation, negative gearing and more
  • Retirement: Reduce your tax liability in retirement
  • Estate Planning: Careful planning can produce tax effective outcomes
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